Control the MouseOver Dimming on Shopify Slideshow

Go into your Shopify Back Office Admin Area and then click on <Online Store > then click on <Themes>  and then click on the “…” in the top right, and then click on “Edit HTML/CSS” now go to the Assets section and open <theme.scss.liquid> Look for following section of code and modify the number in the bold red line below.

// Link buttons and secondary cta
$color-link: $color-body-text;
$opacity-link-hover: .9;                              // Modify this number to your liking
$transition-link-hover: 0.1s cubic-bezier(0.44, 0.13, 0.48, 0.87);

Now test to see if it works to your liking on your slideshow. If it works then your done otherwise put back the original number to the way it was before you changed it. ?


James (Tech Support)
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