Global Pixel Delay

Global Pixel Delay – This feature will help you prevent High Bounce Rates when visitors leave your store after viewing your pages only for a few short seconds. This will save you from spending tons of unnecessary advertising money. This is very Powerful.

Why delay your pixel from triggering?

Say 10 people click on your ad and land on your store. 7 of them see your page and immediately close the window, and they are gone forever. They didn’t even read or look at your products and info, and they probably said, “shoot, this is just another advertisement”, and bounced right off your page.

Then the 3 people that stayed on your store and actually read your page and viewed your products, these are the type of visitors you want as they are more likely to convert to your offer. You don’t want to waste your time and money retargeting the 7 people that quickly bounced in less than 2 seconds and didn’t even look at your page.

Train your pixel to target only the people that actually read and stayed on your page for 3 seconds or longer. Delay firing your Facebook Pixel in order to clean your pixel from these costly bouncers.

Our new Global Pixel Delay only applies to your Home Page, Collection Pages, and Product Pages because your ads should normally take your customer to either a Product Page (ViewContent) or a Collection Page (PageView). The delay will not affect the AddToCart, InitiateCheckout, and Purchase Events because if your customer is adding to the cart, initiating checkout, or purchasing, then they are most likely not bouncers. 🙂

Our Global Pixel Delay range is 0 to 3 seconds, as any longer delays may cause you to miss the important ViewContent pixel event. Note: the default setting before you set the delay is 0 seconds.

James (Tech Support)
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