How to add your Facebook Pixel ID into the Pixel Conversions API App Dashboard

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Hello, this is James your tech support from Pixel Conversions API – In this video, I’m going to show you exactly how to add your Facebook Pixel ID into the app Dashboard step by step.

  • The first thing you need to do is open your Pixel Conversions API App Dashboard.
  • Now locate exactly where your Pixel ID needs to be added. Look for the field that says “Enter your pixel id here”
  • Now that you know where your Pixel ID needs to go we need open your Facebook Business Manager and navigate to your Facebook Events Manager. So let’s do it.
  • Login to your Facebook Business Manager and select the More Tools button and then select your Events Manager button.
  • Then at the far top right of the screen make sure you have selected your correct Facebook Business Account.
  • On the top left of your screen Under Data Sources select the correctl pixel ID you want to use.
  • Now in the Overview tab locate your pixel id and click on it, this will automaically copy your pixel id for you.
  • Now navigate back to your app dashboard and paste your Pixel ID into the field that says “Enter your pixel id here”.
  • Now to the right of your pixel id field you can select if you want your pixel to be a Main – All Pages Pixel that triggers on every page of your store or you can select one of your Collections that will only trigger on those pages showing products from that specific collection. Tip you should always have at least one Main – All Page Pixel. In this case I’m going to make this pixel id a Main – All Pages pixel. Go ahead and make your selection.
  • Now you will need to do similar steps for your Facebook Conversions API Access Token and your Test Event Code before clicking on the Create Pixel Button. Look for my show me how videos for each of these next steps.

    There you have it. In just a few steps, you have added your Facebook Pixel ID into the app Dashboard now look for our other two show me how video’s to complete the process.

    If you don’t already have Pixel Conversions API then click on the link in this video description to install it. Also look for the links to our other show me how videos in this video description below.

    Thanks for watching this video and using Pixel Conversions API. And remember you are AWESOME and have a GREAT DAY!


show me how – video Conversions API Facebook – Shopify App show me how – video Pixel Conversions API – CAPI on how to get the following entered into our app dashboard.
1. Pixel ID
2. Test Event Code
3. Facebook Access Token

James (Tech Support)
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