Manually Remove Our Code

NOTE: this POST is outdated and we now have a Start App Removal Button in our app dashboard. New Post and Video showing the simple process will be coming very soon.

Pixel Conversion Pro takes care of all the theme modifications for you. However, we are providing you with instructions on removing absolutely everything after an uninstalling our app from your store. This will clean your theme from any unwanted code. Here is our guide on doing this.

Instruction video

Step 1 – Delete Pixel Conversion Pro from your store. Normally this is all that is necessary.

Step 2 – Backup your current live theme – Watch my video.

Removal Summary

  • Delete Pixel Conversion Pro
  • Back-up your current theme
  • theme.liquid – Delete this part only​ {%include ‘logic_trk’ %}
  • Snippets Section – Delete file -​ logic_trk.liquid
  • Assets Section – Delete file -​ logic_trk.js

Step 3 – Navigate to themes page as shown below. Then click on Action and then Edit code.

Step 4 – Delete {%include ‘logic_trk’ %} from theme.liquid and click Save

Step 5 – Now delete logic_trk.liquid from “snippets” section

Step 6 – Now delete logic_trk.js from “Assets” Section

Done – that’s all there is to complete the removal.

James – Tech Support