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No matter what Pixel Tracking System you have in place you will never see 100% Pixel Events in Your Facebook Ad Reports – Read Below.

Only when a customer clicks on your Facebook ads that are using your Facebook Pixel ID and lands on your store using the same Facebook Pixel ID as in your Ad and completes the entire purchase process will the purchase pixel be captured into your Facebook Ad Reports. If you are receiving sales from Other Channels such as Retarget App, Fan Pages, Direct or SEO sales, Email campaigns then your Purchase Event will not show in your Facebook Ad Reports. Also, please look at my attached screenshot. You should setup your Custom Facebook Ad Reports to look like this so you can see exactly what Pixel Events are getting triggered.

Make sure the Pixel ID you are using for your add matches the Pixel ID you are using with Pixel Conversion Pro on your store.

Again, your Facebook Ad Reports will only show Pixel Events when your customer has come to your store via your Facebook Ad.

Note: If you look your Facebook Ad Reports you will not see 100% of your pixel data as explained above but you can also look at your Facebook RAW Pixel Event Data for each Pixel ID and then you should see 100% of your pixel data. 

Other reasons that may cause this issue to occur:

  • The pixel id’s entered may not be registered with a product catalog that you are using in your Facebook ads.
  • You have other apps and scripts on your store that are blocking pixel events.
  • There can be some apps running on your customer’s browser that are denying pixel events to be tracked by Facebook.
  • Your Pixel id or id’s may not be correct that you’ve entered into our app.

Are you using a Third Party Payment Gateway System? (example iDeal, PayU, Checkout X, Razorpay, etc) Sorry but we are not integrated with any third party payment systems. You can always try a third party payment system but when testing using The Facebook Pixel Helper and you don’t see the Purchase Pixel on the Thank You Page then it doesn’t work then all we can do is recommend using the Standard payment methods built into Shopify.

Note: One other thought is that Facebook has actually admitted from time to time they have had major glitches affecting many of their customers pixel event data. All our Pixel Tracking script does is to capture all pixel events occurring on your store directly to Facebook. What you see in the Facebook Pixel Helper is the exact pixel event data being captured to Facebook. We cannot be responsible if Facebook has a glitch on their end and loses this data. Again this can and has happened on Facebook’s end in the past. All we can do is provide a solid pixel tracking script that is extremely reliable. Obviously other apps can cause conflicts at times but most of those issues are listed on our Do Not Use App List on our Welcome Email – FAQ page. The best way is to test your store’s Pixel Events using The Facebook Pixel Helper to be absolutely sure Pixel Conversion Pro is working correctly on your store. And if you find any issues please open a Help Desk Ticket thank you.

Note: one another thing that can happen is some users can have their Pixel Blocking Scripts turned on. I know that if I allow my PC Matic Antivirus software to install their chrome extension on my Google Chrome it will completely block all Pixel Events from being tracked by the Facebook Pixel Helper and by Facebook. This will be a very small percentage of users but it does happen at times. We have no way of forcing unknown users from around the world to turn off their pixel blocking scripts. 🙂

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