Pixel Conversions API and Google Tag Manager

All events tracked by Pixel Conversions API are off limits to Google Tag Manager because this will generate all kinds of Facebook Diagnostic Errors, Deduplication Errors and Duplicate Pixel Events that will skew and distort your overall numbers. Pixel Conversions API tracks the following events

  • PageView – do not track with GTM
  • ViewCategory – do not track with GTM
  • ViewContent – do not track with GTM
  • AddToCart – do not track with GTM
  • InitiateCheckout – do not track with GTM
  • Purchase – do not track with GTM

Also do not use the Facebook Pixel Template by Facebook Incubator inside Google Tag Manager as it will conflict with Pixel Conversions API and block your pixel events.

You can setup Google Tag Manager to track events using the HTML method on pages that Pixel Conversions API doesn’t specifically track such as a signup forms, confirmation pages, trial pages with events like Lead, CompleteRegistration, Subscribe, Start trial or Submit application events. But be extremely careful not to interfere with events already being tracked with Pixel Conversions API as you do not want to generate unnecessary Facebook Diagnostic Errors. Thank you!

James (Tech Support)
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