FAQ – Welcome Email

Welcome To Pixel Conversion Pro

Caution: do not use the Shopify App KIT, it’s not compatible with Pixel Conversion Pro.

Thanks for installing Pixel Conversion Pro on your awesome Shopify Store.

Please check the following to ensure your success:

  • Our app provides you with a 7 day free trial allowing you to make sure everything is tracking correctly to your satisfaction without being charged a penny for using our app. If everything works correctly then just continue using our app, if something is wrong please open a help desk ticket and allow us to analyze your store. If we cannot fix your issue you can just delete our app and you will never be charged a penny. 
  • Please ensure you have removed your Facebook Pixel ID from the Preferences Page on your Shopify Store – show me how. Also, remove it from any other pixel tracking apps to ensure there are no duplicates or conflicts with our app. Also, you must remove any manually installed pixel tracking scripts and code from your store for the same reasons.
  • You only need to use Pixel Conversion Pro to manage all your Facebook Pixels.  Again, please remove your Facebook Pixel ID from the Shopify Built In Pixel Tracking on your store, otherwise you will get duplicate pixel events and inaccurate data reporting. show me how.
  • When you paste your Facebook Pixel ID’s into our app, make sure there are no spaces before or after the digits.
  • Please watch our Setup Video located in our Main Menu at the top of our App Dashboard, so you can see the entire process and be able to quickly setup and test all your pixel events.
  • Please note that all the billing for our app is handled completely by Shopify.
  • Please contact us if you have any issues or just need our help.
  • Important – when changing themes you must revisit the app dashboard in order for the script to update the collection information, otherwise it will not track the collections correctly. 
  • Important if you change the SEO URL of a Collection, you will need to revisit the app dashboard in order to fix the Collection URL assignment. 

Facebook Pixel Helper WARNING
The pixel is not paired with any product catalog. A relationship between a pixel and product catalog must be specified. You can either watch my video here: Shopify Facebook Product Catalog Creation and remove the warning or you can just ignore the warning because your Standard Pixel Events are still being tracked correctly either way.

Turbo Theme – Do not use Cart Type = Mini Cart. You must use Cart Type = Page for AddToCart and InitiateCheckout to work correctly when using the Turbo Theme. Thank you!

Both the Booster and Shoptimized themes work fine but they don’t show the AddToCart pixel event because it only shows for brief microsecond in The Facebook Pixel Helper (Impossible to see) the good news is, Pixel Conversion Pro does capture the AddToCart Pixel events for both of these themes. To verify this, after testing, just check your Facebook Raw Pixel Event Data but make sure you give Facebook 15 to 190 minutes to update their raw pixel event data after you have completed your testing.

Problematic Themes – do not use the following themes with Pixel Conversion Pro:

  • Skunk Merch
  • PluggdIn
  • Atlantic
  • Slingly
  • Raj Theme
  • ThemeForest Themes
  • Kala AllinOne – ThemeForest
  • Simolux
  • Grid

Problematic Apps – do not use the following apps with Pixel Conversion Pro:

  • Kit created by Shopify – Forces the Shopify Built-in Pixel Tracking to run even when user has disabled it
  • TrackingMore ‑ Order Tracking by Trackingmore – blocks purchase events for PayPal
  • Beeketing Conversion Plus Webpack – Causes PageView to trigger multiple times on AddToCart Events
  • One Click Upsell by Zipify – Not compatible
  • Carthook – Not compatible
  • iDEAL Payment Gateway – Blocks Purchase Event 
  • Rastreio Facil by Gadol Apps – Not compatible
  • Hurrify – Countdown Timer – Blocks the InitiateCheckout Event
  • Volume Discount by Hulk Code, Inc. – Blocks the InitiateCheckout Event
  • Upsell & Cross Sell by Beeketing – Not compatible
  • Semantics3 Analytics (Hits Analytics) – Causes the AddToCart event not to trigger
  • Quantity Breaks & Discounts by SpurIT – blocks InitiateCheckout
  • Sticky Cart ‑ Slide Cart Drawer by Heysenior – blocks InitiateCheckout

Third Party Payment Systems – are you using a Third Party Payment Gateway System? (example iDeal, PayU, Checkout X, etc) Sorry but we are not integrated with any third party payment gateway systems. You can always try a third party payment system but when testing using The Facebook Pixel Helper and you don’t see the Purchase Pixel on the Thank You Page then it doesn’t work then all we can do is recommend using the Standard payment methods built into Shopify.

If you decide you like our app and you know it is a must-have for your business, then please spread the word to all your Shopify friends and family.

We work very hard to bring you the absolute best pixel tracking app possible. If you’re happy with our app, please consider leaving us a Positive Review. It would literally make our day. Great reviews are invaluable to us. If for any reason your aren’t happy, before leaving a negative review, please open a Help Desk Ticket with us and we will do whatever it takes to make things right and leave you knowing that we truly care about all our customers. 

Remember, if you don’t think our app is working correctly, just open a Help Desk Ticket with us and most likely we can fix your issue very quickly. 

Again, feel free to contact us if you have any questions, issues or suggestions. We take great pride in our support and helping you and your store succeed.  

James (Tech Support)
JDHL Technologies
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P.S. your 5 star experience is our goal. Please contact our team to assist you with any concerns.

*** Please note that our Help Desk is closed on the weekends & holidays.***